Cheap Psychic Readings

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No one could have predicted the trouble I would have finding a legitimate online source for cheap psychic readings. Except maybe Tara.

A close friend who gets regular readings online and in person suggested that I get a reading done. "There are tons online," she said. "Just search for 'cheap psychic readings.'" I was going through a difficult time: my husband was waiting on a diagnosis that could have been, to say the least, very bad news, and my oldest was struggling in school. I was having doubts about my standing at work, a relatively new job for me. My friend was trying to help, and I appreciated that, so I gave it a try.

Many of the sites couldn't even get close: "you are unmarried," one said. Not quite. "You are expecting a child," another told me; yeah, I was expecting a child to get his butt in gear at school. "Your mother has a message for you." Well, she's still alive, so she may as well just call. I have voicemail. They barely got the point where they could tell me anything I didn't already know. I was getting what I paid for with the "cheap psychic readings." I was wasting money.

At one point, a woman I called first hought I was calling her phone sex line. L.O.L. I thanked my friend, but told her that it wasn't working for me. She offered again to help. She said if I did one more psychic reading online, she would pay for it. She said there was a new site, one that she hadn't used yet and was curious about. It was Tara's site. We logged in together and she paid for my reading. Our psychic was "Tara." Tara was very organized and professional. She seemed to have a great deal of experience and didn't waste much time trying to guess or divine the preliminaries: we submitted only some basic required preliminary information and she started the reading.

Best psychic reading ever

"You are having trouble understanding a phase that a child is going through," she said.
"A boy, middle-school aged, is underachieving in school, getting into trouble."
"He is fine. There is nothing troubling him. He will grow out of this phase, a lazy phase, a rebellious phase."
"That's natural," my friend added.
"You are worried about the health of a loved one?"
She was right on the money, but I tested her. I told her it was my mother.
"I don't see any health problems for your mother. A male relative, maybe, has an illness?"
Check. I was sold. In addition to easing my mind about my son's performance at school, she predicted a long life, fairly healthy, for my husband. But she did warn me to keep my head up at work, and that maybe a frank conversation with my supervisor about my duties and expectations would benefit me.
I visit Tara's website for readings about once per month now, staying on top of the things that I'm worried about. I can usually find Tara, unless my friend has scooped her up first! And I never visit from work.